In-Depth Learning

Becoming proficient at a given activity or task takes countless hours of dedication. Not only is the time put into improving important, but the way learning is completed is just as much.

A proper form of learning focuses on the big picture, yes, but on the building blocks to get to the big picture as well. Without the structure to the skill you are attempting to learn many times the overall skill will be poorly preformed. The big picture is nothing without the foundation.

A form of learning that I have used extensively is focusing on the big picture first, taking the activity into a broken down form to study the inner workings individually, and finally taking the individual pieces back into the big picture. I like to think of it as macro level, to micro, and back to macro.

This form of learning can start as small as you want it to from the beginning and the breakdown truly becomes microscopic. The visual above is not only for pistol shooting as a whole- you can replace it with anything you want to truly learn. If you replace your macro focus with one of the micro level focuses it becomes even smaller. Break it down into as many steps you can think of. You could start with something such as trigger control and break down your manipulation of the trigger even further than one broad idea.

In the end, you cannot preform your end goal without focusing on the little things. Focusing on the building blocks may not be as fun as immediately going after what you want to see, but properly focusing on what forms the end goal gives your skills structural integrity. This form of learning expands your understanding from the broad spectrum all the way to an in depth understanding which allows you to preform the full idea correctly through each function. Any skill based activity can be broken down and learned this way. It is important to work slowly and meticulously to build up to your end goal. This learning process especially requires great amounts of mental strength, as does all true learning.

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