The CoolFire Trainer

Dry fire is one of my favorite pass times, and it just happens to be related to shooting. I have tried a multitude of dry fire devices and aids to make the time I spend dry firing more effective and/or efficient.

One common downfall of dry fire is no simulation or feeling of recoil accompanied by other challenges posed by live fire. To mimic the effects of recoil and the realistic results of gun fire, the CoolFire Trainer uses Co2 propulsion to cycle your firearm's slide. You are able to utilize your own gun for training to properly build muscle memory on your preferred platform. The recoil felt by the CoolFire trainer is not identical to that of a live fire, but it allows the user to understand the impulse of recoil while practicing proper techniques.

Not only do you have felt recoil, but you also get feedback from a laser. For those familiar with SIRT pistols, you are receiving the same setup, but with recoil and on your own gun. Even once your system is out of Co2 you can still use the laser function. Sighting in the laser is made easy with an included Allen key. Out of the box the laser was spot on though and there was no need for me to adjust it.

To fill the CoolFire Trainer you use an adapter that attaches to a standard paintball canister. Simply press the adapter onto the muzzle of the CoolFire barrel for about a second and you are ready to go for a few shots. When the canister is new, I had seen up to fifteen shots regularly. On the other hand, when the refill canister runs low you may only get five or less shots. Since a canister is cheap and you receive hundreads of shots, the system easily pays itself off in the amount of ammo you would be buying. Let's face it, you cannot always get to the range and sometimes it is hard to keep your skills up with only dry fire. Dry fire can also become stagnant for some, this truly changes it up.

Not only can you practice repetitive shots with recoil, but malfunctions can also be simulated. By adding an object in the chamber area there are ways to mimic stove pipes, double feeds, or failure to fires which give more ways to practice realistic skills during dry fire.

My favorite aspect of the CoolFire Trainer is the ability to practice reloads since the slide of your pistol will lock back with your empty magazine inserted. You are receiving real functionality when it comes to slide lock. To counteract slide lock you can either use the training system without a magazine or use the included magazine inserts causing the slide to cycle normally- all of which is dependent on the firearm being used.

After four canisters worth of dry fire, I started to have problems with the system not reacting to the trigger being pulled and the refill adapter had a slow leak to it. This is normal wear for the system, and after consulting the owner's manual I was able to get the system back in action in a matter of minutes with supplied replacement parts. Normal wear and tear happens on all equipment- especially when you were running it as much as I was. To prevent wear, a small tube of grease is included in the kit which I highly recommend utilizing. You wouldn't run your guns dry at the range to prevent wear and tear, so why would you change anything during dry fire with moving parts.

The CoolFire Trainer is very revolutionary to the world of dry fire. You can use your own firearm and receive a simulated recoil with immediate feedback. The muscle memory you build is on your own platform, so there are no small changes to make when switching between live fire and dry fire other than your barrel. The system quickly pays itself off in the amount of reps you will get through affordable Co2 canisters versus the same amount of shots you will receive from live munitions. Some may argue that for the price of the system you can buy a new firearm or bulk ammo. This is true; however, neither of which offer long-term training that is affordable and available after immediate purchase.

After plentiful use, I decided that the only aspect of the product I didn't enjoy was replacing parts frequently and having limited replacement parts come with the kit such as gaskets and fittings. While I did have replacements to make, I had to remember that I used this product much harder and more frequently than many consumers will. I tried to find when the CoolFire trainer would fail and I succeeded after prolonged and intensive use. For those who will only occasionally use the CoolFire trainer to work on their skills, I would hardly worry at all.

The pros for the CoolFire trainer completely outweigh the cons- especially if you are one who routinely dry fires. Realistic impulse of firing a firearm is given to the user with immediate feedback to help you gauge what needs some extra work and what you are already proficient at. Everyone has areas that need improvement, but sometimes it is hard to realize the mistakes that are being made without some extra help from actually shooting or well developed training devices like the CoolFire Trainer. Above all else, the dry fire sessions you would participate in with the CoolFire trainer are more enjoyable and add a new sense of fun to dry fire. Instead of losing out on training when you can't make it to the range, invest in the CoolFire Trainer.

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