RE Factor Tactical Dead Man's Hand

Many times I have gone to the range and become so focused that I do not even pay attention to my cameras, notepad, or anything outside of what I am doing. After lots of shooting there are some drills and exercises that I know I must do, but they seem to become stagnant- that's where I start to become distracted from my shooting, and begin taking pictures and such. I am always looking for ways to improve current skills, but in a new form that keeps me in tune and focused with the activity at hand.

RE Factor tactical has stepped up the training game in a way that can revolutionize the training of each shooter with their Dead Man's Hand shooting deck. The deck resembles that of a standard deck of fifty two playing cards; however, instead of presenting a numerical or face value the cards give you a drill to try.

You have the option of a rifle or pistol deck. The cards are meant to remain in order since the drills increase in difficulty as you go, but once you are comfortable enough the cards will surely become shuffled for an added challenge. Once you draw a card, the drill given corresponds with RE Factor's IQ targets. The drills get you out of a stagnant mindset and create a challenge for any level of shooter.

After you have become comfortable with some of the drills, you can add a timer into the process to score yourself or even compete against others at the range. The fun thing about the cards is that you can make your own rules to add challenges or learn something different.

One of the greatest benefits of the deck is the fact that shooters have to truly think while shooting. It takes active thinking before, during, and after the drill to complete effectively. Many shooters will fall into the trap of doing drills passively where there is no real learning. True learning and utilization of a drill, no matter the skill level, takes mental effort.

One possible downside for some is that the deck of cards essentially requires you to use RE Factor's targets exclusively. For some that shoot very often this could pose an issue if you run out of targets. It would be easy to create your own targets, but it would not be the exact same- it is much better to utilize the proper targets for proper training. The only thing I plan on really changing myself is laminating the cards so they are waterproof. More often than not I will get to the range and the weather is unfavorable- it may be raining or it may be muddy. No matter the conditions I want these cards to last a very long time.

The idea behind these training cards made me excited to share them with fellow shooters and instructors that I have become friends with. All agreed that the cards would get shooters to actively think about the drill at hand and then lead to proper training. Firearms training is more about mental thought and mindset than many believe. Being able to think clearly and perform is incredibly hard, especially under stress. This is why it would be helpful to get your blood pumping before attempting a drill to see how it changes your shooting ability.

Any product that can aid my training in an easy to understand and effective way is great in my mind. Having the option to train with both pistol and rifles by drawing a card out of a deck makes the training widespread and helpful. Instead of training one skill relentlessly, you will now be merging skills together to truly improve. When you are truly attempting to become the best shooter that you can be then you need to consider high quality training. These cards can be used on solo range trips or with friends. Learning new drills and becoming proficient does not always require copious amounts of money as shown by the two decks of cards that RE Factor has put together. All you need is a small investment for the cards, time, and dedication to begin improving yourself as a shooter.

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