Vertx Delta Stretch Pants

Finding tactical-style pants that refrain from screaming "tactical" while remaining functional and comfortable is incredibly difficult. There have been attempts to do so before, but some options do not blend in to daily life as expected. Vertx has breached the gap between slightly tactical, comfortable, and compatible with today's fashion to blend in while remaining functional.

For a few months, I have been wearing the Vertx Delta Stretch pants nearly every day to work. I have found they are perfect for carrying a little bit of extra gear in your pockets while not standing out. The pants look like any other khakis to someone who isn't aware.

First, for those going for the grey man approach- these are perfect. Having comfortable, tactical pants that look like everyday clothes is paramount to not drawing attention to yourself. These pants would fit in well for a casual night out, the office, and even weddings except they offer more than your plain old khakis.

One feature that many "run of the mill" khakis don't offer is flexibility while remaining rugged. I am able to fully squat and bend in any direction needed without the pants bunching up or becoming uncomfortable. The added flexibility does not sacrifice the rugged nature of the pants.

The various pockets make the Delta Stretch pants more practical for various every day carry items than normal khakis. You receive front and rear pockets as with most any pants, but you also receive a small pocket on either side along the outer thigh that has a leather brim construction. Leather along the edge of the pocket hinders wear when tools such as a pocket knife or multi too are placed within. Those who carry a knife in jean pockets will understand the need for a reinforced pocket. Many of my own pants have pockets that are completely frayed along the seam from taking knives in and out of my pockets. While at work, I also found that most double stack pistol magazines fit perfectly in these side pockets. If you wanted to keep an extra magazine on you without many people taking notice to it, this would be an easy way to do so without changing or adding to your daily carry excessively.

Behind the pocket is a hidden zipper pocket to keep valuables or items that need to be concealed stored away safely. It isn't the largest pocket in the world, but you could easily fit cash, credit cards, and other small items in it.

Fit for these pants is true. The size I ordered was the size that I received. While the pants have a slim fit compared to most khakis, it is not overbearing like a "skinny jeans" feel- especially because the fabric material has stretch to it.

I do not have a single complaint about these pants and their design. Are there things that I would like to see added or adjusted, sure; however, these changes would be personal preference. Maybe adding AR15 sized magazine pockets such as the Vertx Hyde LT pants have (which I am a fan of as well). They could easily pass off as cell phone pockets for every day carry to blend in, until needed as tactical style pants. After wearing pairs of these pants for weeks on end at work, the range, and in my everyday life, I can say that it would be hard to make a switch back to my old khakis. I am quite certain that I will be purchasing more of the Delta Stretch pants in the future. Vertx has created a solid pair of pants once again that I can say are my favorites for nearly every occasion.

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