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The firearms market is constantly flooded with muzzle devices for varying platforms. Mostly, you will see muzzle brakes and compensators for ARs, but there are plenty of other options out there. One of the greatest debates for modern carbines is the AR platform versus the AK platform. I have tested many AR muzzle devices in the past, and now it is time to try one out for the AK.

Home Front Defense Devices had two compensators available for the AK47- their BCC .308>-14-1LH and the Alpha Kilo Compensator. Both comps shipped with jam nuts to ensure that your timing is correct upon installation. Since these muzzle devices direct gas flow outwards, they must be aligned correctly to ensure the desired effects.

First, let's look at the BCC .308:

Of the two compensators, the BCC .308 is the larger and heavier one. The porting at the top of the device forces gasses upwards to inhibit muzzle rise while the cuts along the sides mitigate remaining gases for a softer feeling recoil. Adding 4.4oz to the front of the AK also assists in limiting muzzle rise simply due to weight; however, if you are attempting to create a lightweight AK platform then this comp may not be for you. While it is mostly cosmetic, the FDE cerakote on the comp matches that of my AK perfectly. Not only does the cerakote look great, but it will also provide long term protection from the elements and hard use. You receive an aggressive design on the end of the comp for whatever purposes you may need it for. I would not be worried about causing damage to the end as I hit it against some hard objects myself with no issues.

Next, the Alpha Kilo compensator:

The Alpha Kilo is more compact and simple compared to the first comp. Two large ports are on the right and left side with small holes along the top portion. Porting on the Alpha Kilo is made to do the exact same thing as the BCC comp, but it is executed in a slightly different way. Having smaller areas for gas to escape, I feel as if the gas was forced out faster which aided in reducing muzzle rise. Personally, I favored the Alpha Kilo more than the previous comp since it accomplishes the same function, but with much less weight being added. While no cerakote was added to this device, it remained easy to clean and resist wear with its black oxide coating.

If your overall goal is to hide your muzzle flash or noise signature then these devices are quite the opposite of what you want; however, if you are interested in mitigating recoil and muzzle rise then these will do the job. Both give you a near identical function but offer different weights, sizes, and appearances. You will be able to perfectly align these muzzle devices with the included jam nuts as well which eliminates the hassle of timing a gas directing device through small adjustments and shims. Both comps were made with great attention to detail with no sharp burs or imperfections. Due to such great attention to detail, threading the devices onto the AK was made easy and smooth. At the end of the day, your shoulder is going to appreciate a quality compensator that eases recoil of any sorts. At such an affordable price, the comps are easy to justify- especially since they perform so well. At no point did I question the functionality or durability of the two compensators.



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