CNC Warrior Folding Stock Adapter

The AK platform is widely accepted and has gained popularity throughout many parts of the world. Even with the wide use and popularity in the shooting community finding parts for AKs is often harder than that of ARs. Most can walk into a local gunshop and be presented with walls stocked full with an abundance of AR parts. The parts you may need for your AK however are not always there. Recently, I had decided I wanted to build a truck gun out of an Arsenal SAM7k. One of my personal goals was to add a brace to the firearm which I believed would be an easy task. Finding a part that could work was easy, but deciding which to actually use proved difficult. Many adapters had little information available and hardly any reviews. A folding adapter that would be secure and over-built was my priority, but I would not know until I had an adapter installed and running.

From the beginning, I had heard about the folding adapter from CNC Warrior on multiple forums and with a great amount of research it was the part I decided to purchase. I will admit I was uncertain with the initial purchase because the information provided online gave little personal context from other users. Other than the previously mentioned determining factors I also wanted a right-hand folding adapter. The initial goal was to have the brace fold to the right so access to the side mount for optics would be functional and not inhibit the brace when folded. Not many options would allow for folding to the right-hand side without utilizing multiple adapters. For myself, stacking adapters seems like more points of failure, so the old saying "keep it simple stupid" rang out in my head.

For those who are hands on and enjoy tinkering, the installation is simple. On the SAM7k all that was needed was the removal of the rear sling swivel. CNC Warrior's adapter uses the existing hole where the sling point had been. After a few minutes with a dremel the SAM7k was now ready to have the adapter installed. If you can use a wrench at this point the you are all set. Personally, I did add a layer of paint on the back of the receiver where the adapter attaches. Paint was added as an extra rust inhibitor. I take care of my firearms, but sometimes it is hard to dry out every crevice of a gun.

I chose to add the SB Tactical SBA3 stabilizing brace to the SAM7k because it is currently my favorite brace. Heading out to the range and dry fire showed how rigid the adapter was when ready to shoot. Never did I experience the adapter trying to fold during use and there was no wiggle. To actually fold the brace you must force it downwards and push to the side. A great amount of strength is not required to push the brace back into the shooting position, but it is also not loose enough to flop around. With more time I am sure the mechanism will continue to loosen up, but I am more concerned with the lockup in the shooting position.

So far I have had to do minimal maintenance due to the simple design. The moving portions receive lubricant to keep parts from prematurely wearing and to also help keep debris out. Since the SAM7k is going to primarily act as a truck gun, I am happy to see that minimal maintenance will be needed if necessary.

Another important factor for my build was the addition of weight. AKs, and milled AKs in particular, are not always the lightest. Though the CNC Warrior adapter is heavy duty, it does not sacrifice weight for additional strength. For those concerned about the construction, it is made with aircraft aluminum for the housing.

In the end, I believe the folding adapter was key for completing my truck gun build and to keep my firearm compact yet rugged enough to withstand abuse. The SAM7k remains incredibly comfortable to shoot without an intolerance from the adapter that would lead to wiggle room in the brace. Continual opening and closing of the adapter has not seemed to weaken any parts and I do not anticipate the adapter becoming too loose either. AKs do have plenty of adapters available and I am certain many others are high-quality as well. From my person use with CNC Warrior's adapter; however, I can say I would not hesitate to purchase one of these adapters again. It proves to be simple, rugged, secure, and lightweight.

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