Pitbull Tactical Universal Mag Carrier

Just like holsters, magazine carriers are abundant and begin to pile up once you start buying more diverse types of handguns. The fact that one holster does not work for all handguns still holds true for the most part with magazines. Now many manufacturers have magazines that are similar or near identical in size. Most popularly- Glock magazines. Start adding double stack and single stacks guns, and varying brands then you will have to buy more mag carriers.

No matter the reason for you wanting to carry more magazines on your person it is important to find a setup that works for you. Finding a magazine carrier that offers versatility is even better- and challenging. There are many products on the market that claim their versatility, but they often lack in some area of performance.

Even with the product we will be looking at, it is not entirely universal, but it is incredibly close to it. The Universal Mag Carrier (UMC) from Pitbull Tactical offers the ability to carry magazines that range in caliber from 9mm to 45ACP whether they are single stack or double stack. As nothing is truly universal, there are always some exceptions. Reliably the mag carrier could hold many more magazines that did not fall into that range, but it was less common. For example, I personally was able to have a few .380 magazines function in the mag carrier, but .380 is similar to 9mm single stack magazines.

Pitbull Tactical accomplishes their near universal ability of the mag carrier by holding two shells together with a stretchable silicone band. When a magazine is inserted the shells appropriately adjust to securely hold the magazine with tension from the bands. Magazines are held securely enough that a fully loaded magazine will not easily fall out. The retention mimics that of a fitted kydex mag holder meant specifically for each magazine.

Sometimes we are forced to change our carry guns for different situations. Luckily, you will not need to change mag carriers or have a separate fitted mag carrier for each gun. If I ever need to switch between my Glock 19 and 43 I can now use the same magazine carrier if needed.

Adding to the versatility is the ability to carry the mag carrier both inside or outside the waistband. There are countless setups an individual may need to accomplish and as long as the belt worn is 1.5" wide it will work. On the belt clip a ridge can be seen which grips the edge of the belt not allowing the mag carrier to come out while obtaining a fresh magazine. The silicone bands holding the carrier together also help keep hard plastic off of your body.

Even if I will not be using the mag carrier every day, it is still an item I will throw in my range bag just to have in case I forget dedicated mag carriers. When shooting a variety of handguns it is also much simpler to wear the Pitbull Tactical mag carrier so I do not have to continuously switch gear on my belt in order to accommodate the handgun used. Occasionally, I will pick up a new handgun as well and not have a dedicated mag carrier for quite some time.

Just recently I participated in a class at the Tactical Defense Institute in Ohio and utilized the UMC for the entire three day class. The UMC definitely got used heavily in both the inside the waistband configuration and outside the waistband. While not showing the universal aspect during the class (I only ran a Glock 19 the entire time), it did make apparent the UMC's ability to return to its original shape even after countless reloads and replacing magazines.

From my experiences, I could recommend Pitbull Tactical's universal mag carrier. Especially for those who may have many handguns that vary in magazine sizes. Having one piece of gear instead of countless mag carriers is certainly appealing. Best of all, the design remains simple and does not require me to do any maintenance. At this point in time I would not have any changes I would want to see made to the UMC, nor do I think any changes should be made.


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