CNC Side Folding AK Stock

Some time I ago, I picked up a 5.56 AK at work and had a great number of changes I wanted to make in order to make this rifle my own. There were many items I wanted to change or add in the long run, but one of my first priorities was a solid stock. While weighing my options I kept in mind that I wanted the build to remain light weight, able to take abuse, and have the ability to fold.

Recently, I had utilized parts from CNC Warrior for previous AK projects, so I decided to purchase another one of their products. This time I utilized their tubular side folding stock.

The stock closely resembles a Galil stock and bolts up to the rear trunnion with ease. Installation is as simple as using a screwdriver. Luckily, no adapters were needed and for me this is huge. The less adapters I need the better because I like to minimize points of failure that are present. As soon as I had the stock installed I began to realize the benefits it would provide for me. The length of pull is much better for me replacing the short wooden stock that was installed on the rifle previously.

When the stock is folded the rifle becomes incredibly compact. This feature was simply an attribute I desired for purposes of storing and transporting the rifle without taking up too much space. Once unfolded, the stock locks up tightly without any wiggling present. I opted for a right side folding stock so I could still utilize the AK's optic mount while in the folded position. Since this is an ongoing project, I am unsure what form of attachment I will use for optics and wanted all options available. Furthermore, the rifle can still be operated and fired in the folded position if it was necessary.

One aspect I would like to see on the stock is a second QD pocket located elsewhere for left handed users to utilize. It is possible now, but if there was a way to incorporate another mounting option towards the buttplate of the stock it could make mounting slings easier. Currently, I wrap the sling around the stock to accommodate for my left-handed shooting.

The only other change I would like to see would be adjusting the positions of the roll pins holding the rubber pad to the stock. When folding the stock, the metal pin smacks a rivet and distresses the finish. I am not greatly concerned with this because it is an AK and the finish will get worn while shooting, but I worry about longevity of the stock's components. This small annoyance was remedied by adding a small drop of glue to the pin as a buffer. I figured this was different for each user so It was not a major concern.

My experiences with products from CNC Warrior have continued to go quite well. This stock is simply one of the first steps in a very long project ahead. I find sourcing AK parts difficult sometimes because much of what I would like to accomplish will require custom parts. Luckily CNC Warrior has many parts that are easy to install and function at a high level. I would recommend this stock to individuals who are looking for a durable folding stock that remains lightweight. All components and manufacturing being sourced in the USA makes this product a fantastic option overall. So far the stock has been installed for many trips to the range and performs at a high level. Only time will tell, but the first few months of use has shown this stock's benefits and durability.

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